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Indus Health Plus Head Office
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At the threshold of its 10th year, Indus Health Plus is committed to increasing its network each day to ensure a pan-India presence, so as to reach the maximum number of people. Every brick of its foundation since the last 9 years has been the entire team’s contribution- in helping Indus ‘Save lives’. The organization has been steadily growing since its inception in 2000. Headquartered out of Pune, currently Indus has offices at Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, and the recently opened ones at Nashik and Goa.

Increasing demands have driven Indus to open many more centers in many new places only for everyone’s convenience. Indus has become synonymous to preventive healthcare and with its increasing awareness and importance, the need of the hour is to not only protect yourself but also your family with our health checkup packages. Indus believes in investing in people and so to ensure the best for them, it provides the finest facilities and infrastructure for them.

Goa Office
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Indus consolidated its footprint in Nashik with the launch of its customer convenience center on March 24, 2010 and in Goa on May 16, 2010. There are many more such offices in the radar. Another jewel in the crown is the Mumbai office, soon to be shifted to a much larger premise in the following few months. Not far behind is an addition of a larger area for the Pune office as well. The call center at Pune was also shifted to a bigger better premise to accommodate increasing demands and exclusively for all the customer distributors’ convenience. All these additions are mere milestones on the path to success. A path not yet complete, but being developed as Indus moves on in their tenth year.

Nasik Office
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From a modest team of 4-5 employees, when it started, Indus’ strength today is its almost 200 motivated work-force who provide the support required to sustain its operations. Indus’ target to increase their family to 2 lakh Indusites seems just a few steps away. Indeed a proud moment for Indus to dream bigger and better.