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Being an Indusite

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Being an Indusite,

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

So come forth, and live your dream to success.

At Indus we let you dream, shape your dreams and ensure that your dreams come true.
As an Indusite, you are an important and crucial bond in our links of Network Marketing. A key force that carries the message of preventive healthcare to more and more people across India, thus ‘Saving lives’.

For many Indusites, this is a full-time occupation. For others, it is a part-time engagement. But regardless of the time and energy spent, every Indusite has the supreme satisfaction of having introduced preventive healthcare and quality hospitalization to his/her friends, family and acquaintances through affordable preventive checkups and the Indus HealthFriend loyalty card.

Plus there's more! Indusites benefit from a stream of additional or full-time income, gifts, and training through seminars and conferences. You also gain access to intensive personality development and grooming guidance inputs that help one to excel in all aspects of life.

Indus provides you the platform to learn and grow; and benefit as you grow. In this endless journey, Indus is the beacon of light and hope that guarantees you a future- a carefree and safe future, towards a better, healthier tomorrow; realizing the vision of the founders of Indus Health Plus.